Meet Amit Khandelwal

Ar. Amit Khandelwal: Ar. Amit Khandelwal, is a young and dynamic professional with proven leadership talent both professionally and socially. He is a strong believer of collaborative approach and always works in synergy with his clients, business partners, associates and his team members to bring out mutually beneficial and innovative results. He firmly believes that the coming decade belongs to India. These ten years are going to bring along lucrative growth opportunities for businesses. This period will place India in an economically stronger position.

Professionally a practicing architect, Amit has successfully executed several prestigious real estate projects across India. He is a man with a vision with a potential to work with a result oriented approach. Being an active member of the Architectural community and Building/ Construction industry, Amit has organized International Conference of Architects and he is also working towards Architect Exchange Program to foster collaboration among the international architect community. A great orator, he is invited regularly at various public events to share his ideas and knowledge.

Spiritually, he is a disciple of Shri P. Rajagopalachari and he also imbibes the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, Lord Krishna and Kabir. Amit is also impressed with the Landmark Forum.

Meet Poonam Jain

Ar. Poonam Jain: Ar. Poonam Jain has spanned almost a decade as a successfully practicing architect. She has played pivotal role in various significant projects. Her distinctive understanding of design, planning and management has been instrumental in the firm’s continued success./p>

Poonam has always focused on importance of team strength for effective coordination and impressive results. She is an optimistic person and works with a free mind with all her clients, business partners and team members. Every project that is undertakes, she works with utmost dedication and follows a result centric approach to deliver her best. She is a wonderful leader as she understands her team well and synergizes their energies beautifully to create a successful team.

Poonam is associated with many social welfare activities and spiritual institutions. She is also engaged as a member of U-Connect program, an orientation program to sharpen the youth. She possesses the experience of managing international conference. Ar. Poonam is a valuable asset to our organization.

Meet Sarian

Er. Sarin has done his civil engineering from IIT Roorkee in 1974 and MURP (Master of Urban and Regional Planning) from School of Planning in Architecture Delhi in 1983.

Possessing a rich experience of over 50 years, he is an asset to our company as he has worked with on an extensive range of projects of different magnitudes. He is a dynamic personality infused with innovative ideas. His presence and guidance has always helped our company reach our goals with effectiveness and maintain a long term relationship with our clients.